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Since 1963 - over 50 years of professionalism, enthusiasm and passion.

The bus and car rental companies with the driver Moriconi group operating for over fifty years in the industry, continuing the family business started in 1963 by the founder, when the head of the family bought the first bus and began his entrepreneurial activities and employee self same.
The quality of services provided, in a historical period in which the term quality, as part of the services sector, it was perhaps only a word, together with the proven reliability to customers, have led to a statement on the then sole proprietorship market expanded its business to become today a group, currently managed by his sons made up of three associated companies, of which a service company, 70 employees, 60 vehicles, more than 50 loyal customers, including four nationally important companies.
Come visit our offices we will be glad to meet you and show you the quality of our service and our means.

Over 50 years of road traveled

Our history is important to us and this is normal, but it is not, because, concerns and talk about others and not just of us, inside there is a shared location, so many experiences, adventures, many kilometers and road made together .

Along with those who wanted us in these 5o years as a partner for its business, for its events and its important moments, which is entrusted to us for his travel, those of his loved ones or to just visit the eternal city pampered from the way we treat the customer.

We are the ones of the white bus with the red “M“!

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